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» Heckles

Verbal timebomb
As everybody posts their cinema heckles, I shall take the liberty to interprete this topic a little freely as well:

Went to see "The sixth sense" with a couple of friends.

Whoever hasn't watched it but plans to do so shouldn't read on.

So right before it started this guy next to me wanted to annoy me and revealed the catch of the film, the fact that Bruce Willis is dead. Now I did understand that was a spoiler. So i decided to share with everyone, stood up, asked the entire audience for a minute of attention and announced the newly learned fact: "Bruce Willis is dead."

What I didn't know then and only learned gradually during the film is that this particular piece of information really really really spoils the fun, because you're supposed to find out for yourself. (I warned you!)

For the next two hours I heard more and more people threatening the little bastard who made the announcement. Was interesting to see the different fuse lengths... The ones who got it the latest were the most pissed off.

Still feel bad for doing that, but it's a lot better now...
(Tue 11th Apr 2006, 14:54, More)