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» School Naughtiness

in the school dark room.
(Fri 9th Sep 2011, 4:05, More)

» Creepy!

You're never too old to hide under the blanket.
A few years back, I had been at a friend's house watching top notch creep fest "the grudge" which had recently been released. During the evening my buddies and I had partaken in a few 'silly cigarettes' and eventually it came time for me to take the walk back home.

Home, at the time, was an Edwardian farm house at the top of a steep hill at the end of a poorly lit cul-de-sac in the steel city. As I approached my poorly lit abode, almost the instant I set foot on the property, something happened that set my paranoia-susceptible nerves a-tingling. Although at the best of times an eerie sound, after having watched the aforementioned movie it damn right scared the cack out of me. It was a sound of an angry cat/s, long and drawn out gearing up for a fight. Which if you have seen 'the grudge' you'll know is a recurring theme and is used rather effectively.

Never-the-less, I steeled my frayed nerves and finally made it to my front door. Safe at last from my own imagination, or so I thought. As I stepped in side I instinctively flicked the light switch near the front door to illuminate the hallway. Fate however had other ideas. The bulb blew tripping the fuse box to all the lights in the house. Now I had the choice of going to the pitch-black cupboard-under-the-stairs and resetting the fuse or retreating to the safety of my bed and hiding under the duvet until morning. I chose the latter.

(Mon 11th Apr 2011, 15:45, More)