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scott, gave me this badge for one of my posts in this thread.

How evil are you?

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» Terrible Parenting

Why should I be fired?
Because I'm always late.
(Sat 18th Aug 2007, 19:57, More)

» The most childish thing you've done as an adult

One from uni days. Wasn't me who made it. I believe this made the newsletter at the time.

Click for bigger (106 kb)

(Fri 18th Sep 2009, 18:29, More)

» What's the hardest you've tried to get dumped?

Fucking trains
Always late, aren't they?
(Fri 6th Jun 2008, 17:09, More)

» Redundant technology

I had to get up in the morning at ten o'clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of cold poison, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad would kill us, and dance about on our graves singing "Hallelujah."

But you try and tell the young people today that... and they won't believe ya'.
(Mon 8th Nov 2010, 4:22, More)

» Impulse buys

Big computer from eBay
But not just any big computer. This is the kind of thing that should be lifted on a pallet, and it took my dad, my uncle and 2 delivery guys to get it in the house.

(Wikipedia pic)
I have no need for it, I haven't done anything with it for ages, but I couldn't resist a machine with 12 processors and 10GB RAM for just over a hundred quid! (Even though it's not a PC and those processors are 400MHz.)
(Thu 21st May 2009, 16:06, More)
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