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(Wed 27th Feb 2008, 22:51, More)

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» Get Rich Quick

"How's my driving??"
I have a high-viz jacket for cycling to work.

It says "How many red lights have I gone through? Text 85324"

Reverse charged text at £1.50 a shot. It usually pays for lunch each day
(Fri 1st Aug 2008, 14:56, More)

» B3ta Villain of the Year 2010

Rupert Murdoch?
Firstly he gets all his newspapers to tell their readers to vote tory and instead we get a half Liberal government. Was it the Sun wot lost that 15% lead in the opinions polls? You got a party back into power that hasn't governed for 100 years and also hates your guts. Winner.

Secondly trying to gain a 100% share of SkyNews - a channel that only has half the viewers of BBC-News and also makes a massive loss.

Thirdly the Times Paywall ... ????

what are you thinking?
(Thu 23rd Dec 2010, 19:28, More)

» Tales of the Unexplained

ghosts are really really dull
ghosts. let's face it. bunch of peedos init!
I mean it's a little odd that they usually happen to haunt teenage girls.

yeah my family home is haunted like crazy. It's like there's a party going on downstairs every night. Things are moved around quite pointlessly. But it really calmed down once the girls of the house got less sexually exciting for the pervy ghosts.

Somehow my bedroom was always left alone being a boy and all, but sister...age 13... the place was like changing rooms was being filmed twice a week.

I did think she was making it all up, but my parents later admitted that they were constantly thinking about moving to get away from it all.

Years later I tried to get sister to admit that she was making it all up. No, it was all true. We went back on the train at Christmas and first thing we did was run upstairs to look for evidence of ghostly presence in her bedroom. This does sound a little weird but there was pink ectoplasm on the walls.

It wasn't a "WOO!" moment. A few dribbles of ectoplasm aren't that exciting unless you believe in ghosts and are desperate for evidence to show your mates.

So there are some sad pervy spirits that we grew up with. If anything it just feels dirty and a bit sad that all these spirits wanted to do was perve for years on end and still haven't really gone away.
(Thu 3rd Jul 2008, 10:57, More)

» B3ta Person of the Year 2010

Kate "Lycra shorts" Middleton
I would...several times...as much as is physically possible at my age
(Fri 17th Dec 2010, 0:48, More)