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should be SFW ??

(Fri 26th Sep 2008, 11:41, More)

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» Going Too Far

sticks and stones
hanging around down the local park as most of us did as teenagers of an evening, bored off our tits this particular night decided it would be fun to throw stones at (i'll call him Mark for legal reasons) Mark.

"oi Mark, go and stand over by the wall so we can throw stones at you" says we

"Can wear my crash helmet" says mark

"no" says we

"ok then but no big stones" say mark

Hence a barrage of half bricks and the biggest stones we could luzz at him to the tune of "ow fuck, ow fuck, their fuckin massive you cnuts

Not really taking it too far, but pissing in his crash helmet when he wasn't looking and watching him ride off home to nurse some serious bruising, and seeing lots of dribbly piss seaping out from the spongy padding inside the helmet down his face might have been a bit much.
(Tue 14th Nov 2006, 17:26, More)