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:: about me ::


not under any kind of construction at all

.:eskimo_corpse [at] hotmail [dot] com:.
add me to msn, it will give me something to do, ta.

i am 19, a man, and i live in that lovely area of the suburbs where 2 minutes one way is the country and 2 minutes the other is towns. its a nice place. in the west midlands. im doing a BSc in Software Engineering at university, it's a lot of fun [i have a strange sense of fun] and i make people websites on the side [and one of my own, along with two friends]. at the moment, im making a search engine website for public services. i'm not even being paid to do it, which just shows how nice i am. its because i'm a christian and love everyone by default. i do believe this should explain th rest:

You are Mr. Horse

Mr. Horse is a fair judge and critic, and is always willing to let everyone know just how he feels about the matter at hand (or hoof).

Personality Test Results

:: some things i do ::

i like to do a lot of things, but here is a handily organised cross section of me

  • i now no longer work at dunelm :)

  • im taking a BSc in software engineering

  • i like pool

  • i suck at pool

  • i play the piano

  • a bit

  • [^ its a linked list ^]

  • i make bad puns for nerds

:: i like myspazz ::

have yourself a myspace

click for myspace

[or a pancake]

:: i ham a road ::

should you feel a desire to drop by rotherham anytime soon, feel free to pay my road a visit. i aim to do so myself soon enough =)

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» Not Losing Your Virginity

Answer of the week No.1
I've always been the shy "No no, of course she doesnt fancy you. Let's not forget this is YOU we are considering" kind of guy. Hence I was always very awkward around girls until I was good friends with them and way past any consideration for a realationship.


I met a really really hot girl at college. I mean actually STUNNING.(she was a bit gothy, but that didnt matter) Not surprisingly I spent nearly a whole year not speaking to her, until one day I saw one of my friends talking to her. "WIN" I thought. So I went over and spoke to my mate and her, and I stayed talking to her after he had gone all thanks to Team Laser Explosion, funnily enough, she was a very big Weebl and Bob fan. "Woo" I then continued to think.

Anyway, that wasnt even a one off, I kept talking to her loads (about twice I think) after that, then after spending a glorious afternoon with her, I decided. Next time I saw her I would ask her out. It would be the first time I ever actually asked a girl out, and I had no idea what to do. But whatever, I would the next time I saw her.


-Edit- as confirmed by the title, that was my first answer
(Sat 28th Oct 2006, 13:44, More)