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The name is Dwain A. Henwood. I'm from a little tiny place called Springhill Nova Scotia. Canada.
I'm a "graphic designer" whatever that means.
I'm still in college.

REALITY TV! Can't get much more real than this!

This is my favorite family, the Melvins!

This is my entry for the road sign contest.

I think this is one of those things that are much funnier in your head.

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» Missing body parts

Well...I don't have a big toenail on my left big toe anymore.
It became ingrown and infected. It was ingrown for years and infected for a year or two.

I was in the army (reserves) on a field exercise and it hurt, so I took my boot off to look at it. AND it was all yellow with pus and there was some blood. The medics saw it and took me to some kind of field hospital and remove a chunk of it.
I guess that didn't work.
So last week I went to the surgeon to give him a look at it and when I got there he already had his stuff practially all set up!
He asks me if I just want it out today.
So, he sticks some needles in for the freezin'...which doesn't work all the way up to the top. He then stick a needle under my toenail to freeze the top. This all hurt.
He then took scissors and cut it right in two and took it out...half frozen. Went home with it all wrapped up.
It unfroze that day and hurt like a son of a bitch.
It's alright now. GROSS as hell but I can walk on it.
(Thu 1st Jun 2006, 18:38, More)