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» The B3ta Cookbook

The secret ingredient is love
It pays to put it in right at the end, as it cooks it releases an unpleasant ammonia flavour which goes right through most things.

PS The secret ingredient is actually salt.
(Fri 29th Jun 2012, 0:09, More)

» Cheap Tat

Chinese Beer
Always on the lookout for a good wasted/dollar ratio, I was thrilled to discover our local bottle store stocking "Tsing Tao!". It was NZ$15 (approx 3p) for a dozen, and the bottles were big. Choice!

It tasted of very little (a good thing for cheap beer), and I had gotten through a good 8 of them before I felt anything like the familiar effects of beer. The next four however were a different story.

Everyone has a drunken poo story, and I won't go into details because it's tea time, but those crafty Chinese brewers had it in for me. It involved me waking up the following day to find a slippery trail from the bathroom to where my trousers were in the kitchen, out onto the deck and back to the washing basket, and there to where my boxers were under my pillow.

It was quite drinkable if it was cold enough.
(Wed 9th Jan 2008, 5:31, More)