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I don't post on b3ta any more and just lurk these days. I should re-discover my creativity, but somehow life has sucked it all from me.

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» Accidental animal cruelty

R.I.P. Mr Hedgehog
When I was much much younger a friend and I found a hedgehog in a field. We thought it was cute so we wanted to keep it. We were both old enough to know that neither of our respective sets of parents would be thrilled if we brought it home, so we came up with the brilliant plan of burying a bucket to the rim and dropping it in there so it couldn't get away. After playing with it for a bit (which, looking back, was probably more like torture for the poor thing) we left it in the bucket, already making plans on what to feed it and what tricks we could maybe teach it.

Except it rained that night.

When we got back the next day the bucket was 3/4 full with water and poor Mr Hedgy was dead and drowned.

I still feel like a right hedgehog-murdering bastard whenever I think about it. ;_;
(Fri 7th Dec 2007, 1:47, More)