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» Beautiful but Bonkers

Since the Dawning of time.......
Back in the 80s met a beautiful single mum-of-one via a newspaper ad. (Baad idea)She was mid 20s, redhead, (should have rung warning bells)georgous body, big tits, you get the idea.First night we have a few at the pub then back to her place and 5 minutes later she's sucking me off on the sofa.I'd been almost 2 years without sex so this was christmas time for me. Then upstairs where we proceeded to run through the whole catalogue, including anal, for the night. Over the next few weeks we're meeting up every 3 or 4 days and she starts telling me about her life history. Turns out she grew up in a town near Leeds where from the age of around 13yrs half the population had her. From boys her age to the neighbour in his 30s she used to babysit for.As if that wasn't enough she then tells me about 3somes with the neighbour and his very willing wife.Bearing in mind she's only around 14/14yrs at this stage I'm starting to back off and yet get incredibly horny at the same time.So against my better judgement we move in together in my place.BIG mistake. Within a few months she'd alienated both neighbours,and almost distroyed the relationship between my mum and I.Then we're on the sofa one night and she starts giving me details of how she'd seduced her daughter's teacher who'd come around that afternoon regarding some problems at school.I assumed it was a fantasy and was turned on until she strips off topless and shows me the lovebites all over her tits. Damn she was so hot and got me so hot that we ended up rutting like animals on the carpet whilst she whispered all the details in my ear.Eventually we had to move and step-daughter went to another school.Over the next 3 or 4 years we moved twice more! Same sort of reasons except this time a painter/decorator and finally a friend's husband were involved. Then I'd finally had enough and we split. A few months later she comes round to mine with some paperwork for me. She's wearing a top that shows off her tits almost down to nipple-line and it was clear what was on offer. The only thing that gave me the strength to close the door on her was a mate telling me only 2 days previously how she'd been seen half naked being vigorously fucked up against the side wall of a local club by some guy at least ten years younger. I've left out the abusive phone calls,throwing stuff at me, brandishing a kitchen knive etc whilst we were together because the sex stuff alone was enough to make me say "enough's enough!" So if anyone comes across (!)a teacher's daughter from "somewhere up North" called Dawn then be warned!
(Sun 19th Nov 2006, 9:25, More)

» Unexpected Good Fortune

A new start...................
I'm in an unhappy marriage but lack the balls to get out, plus I'm out of my depth at work (BT) but lack the balls to...... Then out of the blue my (now) ex tells me SHE wants out and then a week later my manager phones me up to ask if I'd like a "golden handshake" of 30k plus an index-linked pension for the rest of my life.He tells me I have to let him know by the end of the week - Took me two seconds........ Gave some of the cash to my soon-to-be ex and now I'm in a better job with a lovely lady and that ever-increasing pension too! Oh, and today my free Ipod arrived for opening a new bank account!!
(Fri 15th Sep 2006, 17:47, More)

» Secret Santa

Mong - Your kids eat coal?? Bloody hell, in my day we were lucky to get a PICTURE of a lump of coal on Christmas day....
(Mon 25th Dec 2006, 22:25, More)

» I hurt my rude bits

Aladdin insane
I had an impovorised childhood (sob!)and my family lived in a small flat above a shop. Heating the small kitchen/front room was an old round "Aladdin" paraffin stove about the height of a stool. Although I was well used to this heater and it's use in life, for some reason when I was around 5yrs old or so and getting ready for bed one evening I promptly sat on top of it. Where the heat all comes out. Dressed only in my vest. Got up a LOT quicker to the sounds of my dear old Mum's stifled laughter.
(Wed 19th Jul 2006, 15:00, More)

» When were you last really scared?

Re:Unecessary film.
Yes, I d'loaded Threads some time ago and have it on my hard drive. STILL find it difficult to watch 23 years later...........
(Mon 26th Feb 2007, 22:05, More)
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