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» Strict Parents

when talking about our parents we were forbidden to use subjective pronouns. Always say mum or dad, never she or he.
T'was thought disrespectful or something and would land us a quick slap in the face.
To this day I wonder what would have happened had they not been so quick in punishing the use of these dirty pronouns. Hell, I think I'll spend the next two days talking to them using only pronouns and bring about the end of the world.
(Thu 8th Mar 2007, 15:58, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

It was already shit 15 years ago when it was called New Jack.

Plus, there's no Blues in it. Rythm, barely.
(Thu 15th Oct 2009, 18:58, More)

» Getting Old

I read books made of paper.
I remember when Ice-T was gangsta.

I'm not going to see 2013, am I?
(Thu 7th Jun 2012, 22:11, More)