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» Nightclubs

Gravity’s Raincoat reminded me...
of a similar situation last summer when I was working as a cleaner at the local Chicago Rock (Not really a nightclub I know, but it's about the best my home town had to offer).

Usually the gents' was fine, maybe a toilet needed flushing and some loose change and chewing gun in the urinal. Admittedly, some days the guys went above and beyond and there'd be sick all across the toilet seat and, somehow, underneath it and all across the hinges, but mercifully it was on rare occasion.

The ladies'? I don't think there was a single day I didn't have to wash masses of make-up from the sinks, pick out tissue paper that had no structure anymore that was preventing any water getting past the plug hole. Then I'd get to the actual cubicles.
Most of them had toilet paper lying on the floor - mostly clean but still a waste and requiring a wary approach before the gloved hand would move it to the bin, just in case. About half the toilets would need flushing, and there was normally a suspicious puddle at the far end of the toilets that would need mopping before dealing with the end cubicles or mopping the tiled floor.

But the mopping actually reminds me of something almost worse, the carpet itself of the food and walking areas. I think it's the same carpet since they opened several years ago, not a crime in itself, but it has a food area. Where people will drink as well, sometimes bumping into people, sometimes knocking glasses off of tables accidently. And often, more chewing gum, which I think might have actually been in the carpet longer than the carpet had been there. If I ever end up in power, spitting chewing gum onto a carpet will be punished by being forced to watch Hollyoaks with all the women cut out of it while listening to Jason Donovan 'singing'. I think a week should make people reconsider...
But anyway, the point is that the carpet was tougher than taking on Chuck Norris armed with only a mole, and often the Hoover would just stop when you hit one of these drink saturated patches. And there were quite a few of them. Often I wondered how much quicker it would be to mop those areas instead, and I still suspect it would've been quicker to sweep and mop the carpet.

Getting back to university at the end of the summer was a fantastic change from that job, and now when I go out I try to make sure my aim's good since I know how crap it is to be the one who has to clean things up in the morning. I'd chew less gum inside clubs and pubs, but I never did anyway.

Length? A few months, but it felt like a lot longer.

But you know what I still wonder, to this day? Who on Earth decides during the middle of their night out that they need to straighten their hair?
(Tue 14th Apr 2009, 13:37, More)