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» The Police II

Our Local Coppers Rock

(Sun 8th May 2011, 20:50, More)

» Bodge Jobs

I miss B&Q most of all.
I'm currently working on a building site in The Philippines. All builders here tend to have a phd in bodging.

We have buckets made out of old plastic industrial containers for concrete.
We have water cached on site in two old dustbins instead of a water main.
We have scaffolding made out of coco-lumber which is nailed together.
We have a welding machine that's got a front panel made from wood and has two wires as an on/off switch.
We aren't using a laser level, but a tube with water in it.
We have a site sound-system that's an old clock radio in a bag and hung on a hook. This is wired to the mains with cable not much thicker than the stuff you'd use for the switches in a PC case.
We have flip-flops instead of safety shoes and sunglasses instead of welding glass.
We have a ladder that's actually a cable run borrowed from the local industrial estate.

But, the absolute biggest bodge so far is this:

Which is the site portakabin. Which one of the crew is living in as he's fallen out with his Missus.

It's going quite well, 60 odd days in an no-one's been injured and we're about to put the roof on...
(Thu 17th Mar 2011, 9:04, More)