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» Crazy Relatives

Priorities and odd behaviour
Insane mother in law:

My wife was left as security for petrol while her mother went for money. She was 9 at the time and home was 5 minutes away.
Three hours later her mother came back. She decided to visit her mother for lunch. The attendant was getting very nervous.

She also failed to check inside a new kettle that was missing a cord and filled and boiled it using a spare cord she had. The new cord was inside the kettle. The water was green. She made coffee with it anyway.

She gave up her mood stabilising medication because she couldn't drink with it.

There are lots more crazy things but these really stand out.
(Tue 10th Jul 2007, 6:32, More)

» Tinkering

There have been a few
I guess modifying things might have resulted from working in a windowless basement electronics repair workshop for too many years.

Memory vague but these stand out:
The addition of the beepy whistle key finder board inside the TV remote control. Never lost it again.
A cattle prod thing with paperclips that was made out of spare bits. Transformer was wound with a drill.
The sunburst wall clock that was turned into a toy robot with a wagging tongue called "Mr Licky".

Probably more
(Tue 2nd Aug 2016, 13:58, More)