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Hi! Welcome to my profile.

Hey all! 22 year old male here. Considering the lenght of time i've been here, I'm still new. But I have been posting alot recently, so I'm working on it. But I think I can call myself a B3tan now :) Thanks to Enigmatic for her B3ta Certificate Award :P Please Note: I am heterosexual.

I forget how I first found b3ta.com, but once I registered (and waited a facking week) I started posting, I got hooked. Probably due to the fact that I sit on my arse all day at work, and chilling at b3ta really passes the time great! The Image Challenges kick ass too.

Oh, and I'm Canadian eh! ( Not a merkin ) hehe

If ya wanna chat or drop me a line,
reach me at luc with two zeros 69 @ m with the s and the n DOT motherfacking commmmm bitch

B3ta Certificate

Thanks Enigmatic

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