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» My first experience of porn

Window Porn
When I was at school, one enterprising twelve-year-old had cornered the market in supplying porn mags to the boys in our year. One such deal took place just before the start of the English lesson/ The boy had presented another with a new, unsoiled copy of Razzle just as the prudish, female teacher walked in.

The kid, in a state of nervous panic did the best thing that he could think of - lobbed the offending mag out of the classroom window.

It was, however, a very windy day. And the classroom was on the second floor...

The porno mag blew back against the window with the centrefold presenting a picture of a lass with her legs spread apart towards a class of 30 12-year-old boys.

This would have been quite a nice little anecdote. However the winds continued to blow, and because the window was so large the teacher could not reach to remove the magazine, it stayed there for a full twenty minutes while we learned about poetry.
(Sat 27th Jan 2007, 15:55, More)