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I'm bluemeat everywhere, except real life, where I'm Andy Forster ;).

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» Sexual fetishes

My Fetish
Definitely when the misssus dresses like this :

here (NSFW).
(Thu 22nd Oct 2009, 13:50, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

My biggest disappointment
Was the rather fetching bedroom play outfit that the missus said she'd bought.

"Short skirt, stockings, knee boots and a corset top" said the rather teasing text message.

What did I get home to? This (NSFW).
(Fri 27th Jun 2008, 11:14, More)

» Karma

first \o/
Someone else described this as Karma, I say it's just screwed.

Over xmas, had a brief unattentive moment whilst driving and spanged the back of another car. Other car was fine, my car started bleeding and had to have lots of repairs.

So anyway, all goes well and I get my shiny courtesy car. Well, I say "shiny", it was a sodding Nissan Micra with a little engine, but at least it worked.

On the way back to return the courtesy car, I get rear-ended by another car in an almost freakish mirror of the circumstances that lead to me needing the courtesy car in the first place.

So, it's sort of Karmic in the sense of "what goes around comes around", but it's also horribly fucked up because both times my car was the only one to get damaged ;-).
(Thu 21st Feb 2008, 14:27, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

One we see a lot...
"Facing into".

"We're going to have to face into the challenge of getting all the work done despite the fact that we've got rid of half of the people to do it."

One we tried to get into common use in our company but oddly didn't quite take off was "bite the pillow".

"I think we should just bite the pillow on that"
(Fri 9th Apr 2010, 10:55, More)

» Cross Dressing

although I've already answered, I'd just like to say...
kudos to all those ladies with enough balls to post pics ;-)

[shameless votewhore: click ILT if you agree :P]
(Mon 19th Mar 2007, 15:52, More)
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