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well look at that ass you could be a gold digga but i aint kanye,
you're on the right track but you're goin' in the wrong way

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» Why should you be fired from your job?

bit dirty really...
not about me fortunately! i do my job well i think. boss probably thinks otherwise.
Anyway!!! my mate works for a website hosting company. He does bugger all at work because the company has too many employees and not enough customers. he works in the customer service offices and just sits ignoring the phone. and thats if hes even by the phone. i forgot to mention he spends most of the time sat in the toilets wanking. He's properly hooked on masturbating to the extent of cracking one out in front of people when hes at my house getting pissed. Back to the point. I think he should get fired because he's currently getting paid to wank. (his new move is choking himself while wanking)
(Thu 9th Aug 2007, 23:41, More)