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» Other people's diaries

My father and I.....
After several suspicious items arrived at the house in his name, which he claimed were errors, I decided to follow up my long running suspicions that he was having an affair and hacked into his computer.
There I found that he was less than 48 hours away from cleaning out the house and bank accounts and fleeing the country. He'd applied for a transfer to New Zealand with the company he worked for and had struck up a relationship with a 'madgenz' over there. There were disgusting msn messages back and forth including talk of him showing "his bits" on web cam and him laughing about how stupid we all were and he'd never recieve his come uppance.
I never liked him, never trusted him and I damn sure made sure his uppance came with a vengeance. I told my mum.
An hour later his mate came around to get his stuff. He was still working. I broke his glasses and destroyed his passport.

He's tried to contact me to 'build a relationship. I told him to fuck off and die'
(Tue 6th Feb 2007, 12:28, More)

» Professions I Hate

John Edwards, Sylvia Brown, Dereck Akorah et al.

What they do being only legal because of the little disclaimer which says "This programme is for entertainment purposes only." Yeah, clearly the grieving, emotionally vulnerable people who are present in the audiences are there to be entertained, not at all because they are holding on to some desperate hope that their lost loved ones are somehow looking down on them from a better place. The techniques they use are sickening, from putting hidden mics in the seats of the audiences to covertly gather information about who's there and why, to blatantly using plants to pose as guests, starting totally innocent conversations with people about why they're there. That, coupled with an age old technique called "Cold Reading" and you have the makings of a charlatan. And for any of you even remotely impressed by the televised product, remember that what you're seeing isn't live, that all the failed attempts from the so called mediums are carefully edited out, to make it appear that they hit the nail on the head every time. Also keep in mind that so called guests sign contracts forbidding them from discussing with the media the actual content of the 'show.' Ask yourself this, if they're talking to that woman's dead grandma, why is it a 'J' name and not simply 'Julia' why do the dead want to play charades? Do you seriously believe that the dead grandmother is speaking from beyond and saying something like this..."Hi, I'm probably a woman, I might be quite old, my name could begin with a J, I'm here to talk to someone on the elft side of the room about some kind of special thing we used to do on a Sunday perhaps involving a stuffed animal." NONSENSE!

For further proof of how disgusting, dispicable and downright evil these people are, look no further than the case of Shawn Hornbeck, an 11 year old boy who vanished in 2002. His parents, desperate to find out what happened, go on a popular american talk show to talk to Sylvia Browne. Keep in mind she is what passes as a 'well respected' medium and speaker to the other side. She informs them that their son was kidnapped by a tall, hispanic man with Dreadlocks, and was later murdered, with his body available to find near some jagged rocks, some 23 miles south west of where he lived. The parenst of course are heart broken, he'd been missing for years, I'm sure they knew by this point he'd be dead, but it doesn't take away the sting when someone says it.

Well. Here's the thing. Shawn wasn't dead, he was alive and well and being held by an overweight white man in his apartment with another missing child some 50 miles North East of where he lived, and four years after his disappearance, he was reunited with his traumatised family. click here to see what I'm talking about. Then put yourself in their situation, then give me a single reason why someone who says they can talk to the dead shouldn't be immediately shot in the face.

EDIT: Most Haunted's own Dereck A used to come to my town with a little caravan, many years ago under the name 'Gypsy Akorah.' Notice how he left his eastern european (scouse) upbringing from the TV show he later appeared in. There was me thinking we had the world's first liverpudlian Gypsy. He even had all the garb to go with it.....
(Fri 28th May 2010, 16:30, More)

» Pet Stories

Fuzz the dog
We used to have a dog called Fuzz, terribly skittish, afraid of everything from gun shots, fireworks to torches and the sound that lighters make.
On one occasion, for giggles we fed him a hot dog sausage, which naturally pleased him no end, he sat there with the hot dog hanging from his mouth like a cigar, when all of a sudden he sharply inhaled, the sausage vanished completely. No biting, chewing of savoring, it was just the funniest suction noise and gone, at this point he became very excited, tail wagging and bouncing around. He seemed truly proud of himself that day.
(Thu 14th Jun 2007, 7:06, More)

» Pet Stories

The littlest Hobo
During my time in the security industry, being the scourge of Exeter Bus Station, I was alerted one night by a sound which I percieved to be someone choking to death.
Upon investigation, I discovered that it was in fact a doped up homeless git, attempting to hang his puppy from a sign post on the lower level of the bus station. The dog looked terrified and close to death, so I did what any upstanding citizen would do, I twatted the b*stard with my maglite. Dog drops, runs off like a shot. Police are called, bloke staggers off (I wasn't chasing him, they carry needles don't you know).
So, police arrived, dude gets arrested, they hunt for the dog for about 45 minutes to no avail and cart said bum off to the station.
Well, an hour or so later there's a scratching at my office door. I open it and in comes this puppy, looking cold and unhappy. It heads straight for the corner and curls up. I give it something to eat and some water and she sleeps the rest of the night there. Come morning, I with an improvised lead made from my key chain decide to take her home and then off to the pound to be re-located or whatever.
Well, I get home, wife wakes up, sees dog, little un wakes up, sees dog. Other dog wakes up and looks unimpressed at the invading pup...
Well, this was thanksgiving morning (wife is american) and she refused to take the dog to the pound when were all about to have a big thanksgiving feast, so I had to agree to let her spend the night.
2 and a half years later, her name is Titch and she is completely and utterly devoted to me. My wife says I'm her hero for saving her life.
Completely true story. She's a fantastic dog.

Length? alot longer than when we first met.
(Wed 13th Jun 2007, 12:31, More)

» Good Advice

Hokey religions
and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.
(Fri 21st May 2010, 13:11, More)
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