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» Family Holidays

Big Eared Cunt
I hated my mums boyfriend when i was a teenager because he was a complete shit to me. But i will never forget the day we took our caravan down to the south coast and when he was checking a light connection at the back of the top cupboard he got his stupid fucking head stuck in it because of his big wanky ears. I have never laughted with such satisfaction than at the moment as he struggled to loosen his head while shouting "Get me a spoon!"
(Mon 6th Aug 2007, 22:37, More)

» The Weird Kid In Class

I am actually a teacher! Last year a year 7 child took of his trousers in the middle of the lesson and sat quietly working in his pants. Apparently he was hot...

There be many more where that one came from!
(Mon 22nd Jan 2007, 17:38, More)

» Barred

Thorpe Park
I was banned from Thorpe Park during my teens for striking a skeleton on what use to be a ghost train. I got the whole "You're not big and you're not clever" speech. Our whole school then got banned from Chessington for climbing out the 'rafts' on the bubble works and boarding each other, causing a jam. I'm now the sort of person who goes to Theme Parks, gets pissed off at the poor behaviour of the youth there, and then fills out a customer complaint form. Pot, keetle, etc.
(Sun 3rd Sep 2006, 8:26, More)

» Where is the strangest place you have slept?

My loss...
I fell asleep while receiving a blow job. Does that count?
(Sat 30th Dec 2006, 21:41, More)

» Not Losing Your Virginity

Thank god...
I was 14 and she was 13. She claimed that she was older than me (we didn't go to the same school) and also claimed to have had sex 'many times'.

I had the great idea that if i got a condom i could shag her in the woods near her home (even though it was not the dream scenario).
When i produced the condom (stolen from my brother) and told her of my idea she began to cry because she was scared and she admitted she had lied her arse off about her previous experiences and was a rock solid virgin.

My plan failed and soon we split up as teenagers do, but thank fuck for that with heinsight as i would be desperatly sick now if i had lost my virginity at the age and in those circumstances!
(Tue 31st Oct 2006, 21:06, More)
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