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» Puns

I went to a book binding class and when i arrived the teacher sat me down and told me to make myself a tome
(Mon 9th Mar 2009, 9:57, More)

» Puns

you show me a piano falling down a mine, and i'll show you a flat minor
(Thu 5th Mar 2009, 13:48, More)

» Cougars and Sugar Daddies

Had a wank over that Felicity Kendal...a recent photo
(Thu 4th Dec 2008, 14:50, More)

» Impulse buys

Ricky Fucking Gervais
I am a massive Gervais fan.
Ricky Gervais hates ticket touts. I like ricky gervais enough to pay £115 a ticket to see him play the Edinburgh festival.

After paying through the proverbial tits for 4 of these overpriced tickets I read on Rickys blog that he was enraged at the ticket touts and flattered by the people who were paying such inflated prices but encouraged no fans to pay over the odds.

I had forked out £85 on top of the face value of these tickets (thats £85 for each one) so when he announced his new 'mini' tour, i pounced on the chance to tout some tickets of my own to make my money back.

I found it initally strange that he was leaving upto month long gaps between gigs but happily logged on at the time the tickets went on sale and snapped up 4 in Sheffield and 4 in Glasgow. Imagine my dismay when as soon as the gigs started to sell out, Mr G just announced another one. and another one. Effectivly reducing the value of the tickets to below face value (i would rather buy tickets off the venue/ ticketmaster than off some random guy).

So now not only am I effectivly £340 down on the first set, but now an extra £260 down on the 8 extra I have bought and im also a cunt in the eyes of my comedy hero for trying to make a profit off his talent.

(Thu 21st May 2009, 14:02, More)

» Gambling

i won nothing
for betting that i could down a whole bottle of kikkomans soya sauce. Wouldnt recommend it. Down in one, and two salty weeks later i was able to once again enjoy my favourite condiment. Next time i should arrange teh stakes before accepting the bet.
(Fri 8th May 2009, 13:21, More)
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