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I've been tinkering and inventing things for the past few years. I think I'm getting good at it.

I made this little spaceman lamp:

and this belt buckle:

and these nifty goggles:

I once ate an entire tennis ball without chewing.

Stuff I do:
+ http://sinbox.org
+ http://gianteye.tumblr.com
+ http://flickr.com/gianteye
+ http://friendfeed.com/gianteye

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(Mon 27th Aug 2007, 7:03, More)

Take THAT,
love ninja

your love has no power, here.

special thanks to the love ninja
(Tue 14th Jan 2003, 3:50, More)

Lovely legs
and functional, too

(Fri 27th Sep 2002, 0:54, More)

A bit late,

but good, regardless
(Sun 15th Sep 2002, 15:05, More)

This was:
some kind of cat

(Sat 3rd Aug 2002, 1:55, More)

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