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I'll just put this quick one here...

I would say the rare footage is of Steve Jobs laughing at us all, but that's not rare since he does it whenever he releases a "brand new" product anyway.
Also: Thanks to Thor sonofodin for the idea!
My first fp! Thank you all! :D
(Wed 27th Jan 2010, 21:21, More)

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» My most gullible moment

Believing the lines of a song were actually true.
While on a journey the radio was playing and it was that song that goes "I'm moving to New York, 'cause I've got problems with my sleep, It's like Christmas came early, Christmas came early for me"
This song is on in the background and I'm not really paying attention and my girlfriend says to me "So yeah, uhm, by the way I'm moving to New York."
And this came as a compelte surprise to me, but we always talk about random crap that isn't actually true, as you do, and I played along and I was like "Oh my God! No way, why's that?"
She replies, "Because I've got problems with my sleep"
And I completely believed her (because she does have trouble sleeping sometimes)
At which point she realises I have no idea she's saying the song lyrics and explains it to me x]

That's not actually a great story, looking back at it, but hey.
(Fri 22nd Aug 2008, 0:02, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

Selling; specifically: selling on eBay.
Pre-appologies for length.
My story starts off with me building, or rather collecting, my own drum kit.
I buy the drums seperately because it's cheaper that way and easier to get what you want.
I go about collecting myself a monster kit. Nine drums in total (the usual is 5 or even 4)

I am very impressed with this drum kit, however it's not of the best quality and I find myself not using all I bought frequently enough.
So I decide I want a new, better drum kit.
I go browsing to make sure I know exactly what I want, checking out different makes and models; and I set my sights on a beauty (in my eyes).
Then good old procrastination sets in and long-sub-story-short: I end up waiting half a year before I finally get about selling.

For starters I put an ad in the local Trade-it - I didn't expect much response here, but it was worth the price: zilch.
Low and behold after my ad had had it's turn in the paper I got zero response. Nothing for nothing; seems fair enough I suppose.
So now I have a change of plan: eBay! That wonderous site which sells thousands of items for thousands of pounds a day. How could I loose?
I start to design my auction page. I have massive ammounts of details and pictures, I double check and then triple check everything to make sure it's perfect before the pre-arranged start so that it'll sell peak time on a Sunday evening.
The auction starts and within hours I have my first 50 visits and my first watcher! Wonderful methinks to myself! A watcher is more likely to buy than a regular visiter right?
However, after 100 visits, nothing much seemed to be happening... This just built up tension towards the final end.
Within the last couple of days my visit counter had shot up to 200! Then 250! Then 300!
I had accumulated 3 watchers, which I thought was pretty good.
I found myself checking the auction more and more frequently just in case I had another watcher or if I had achieved a bid.
I found myself counting from days to hours to minutes before it ended. Still nothing - but only smart people bid at the end of the auction anyway.
Minutes left and still nothing.
Then just a single minute.
Then just seconds.
Only one second left - jeeze these people are leaving it tight!
One hit of F5 and...

Time passes me by and I decide to prick up that last shimmer of hope and enter an ad into the trade-it again. As if to hit my hopes with an anvil, only to have it only just stand again and then hit it with a hammer the ad closed with nothing.

I'll keep trying, though. Someone will want it. Afterall, I did.

*runs off to put an ad in trade-it*
(Fri 27th Jun 2008, 2:26, More)

» Insults

A: "You're gay!"
B: "Yes, I know."
A: "Well... then... you're straight!
B: *cries*
(Fri 5th Oct 2007, 21:47, More)

» The Credit Crunch

Not really me but my brother:
At his university they had a party because of the new VAT of 15% meaning cheaper booze - the slogan being "cheers, Darlin'!"
(Thu 22nd Jan 2009, 17:25, More)

» My Biggest Disappointment

Every pc, every games console, every phone, every whatever the fuck it is if it plays games then it's probably broken for me.
The first time I remember my pc dying on me was playing Red Alert. It woulc crash half way through playing a game and then I'd have to turn it off by the big "on/off" button rather than shutting down. Of course this just meant it would crash more and more.
Ever since my pc's have been dying while playing games, as the games advance so does my pc but it still fails to keep up and it just always crashes. This computer I'm on right now only managed to play Counter-Strike 1.6, and it still crashes occasionally.
Playstation 2, a fuse burns out and a specialist component breaks which means I have to get a whole new PS2. And it still doesn't play GTA Vice City because of a "disc read error".
My xbox controllers broke because the wiring fucked up where the lead joins the controller. The only way I could use the controller was to gaffa-tape up the wire into a position where it would work; and even then it didn't always.
My xbox 360 worked. For a while. None of that 3-red-lights-of-death or whatever. But it was to do with the overheating. Basically I had played it for not long enough at a time for it to die from overheating, but it was causing the connections to expand and then cool down into a different position, which eventually lead to them being deformed and the colours going completely whack. And I can now only play it when it's overheated and even then the colours are still wrong.
Even my phone breaks in unexpected ways. If there is a duplicate contact on my contact list if I go to delete it my phone restarts itself.
Bah. Technology - it's great untill it breaks.
(Fri 27th Jun 2008, 13:03, More)
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