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*Unpaid advertisment*
Space Captain Smith is now available for pre-order from Amazon
it was writen by a very good friend of mine, it's a sci-fi farce. It comes from the same mind that created this:

Image Challenge?

I have a website which I really ought to do something good with but I just haven't got round to it! "Highlights" of stuff I've done:

Fishy Films - Movie based fish puns

Monster and Robot - a couple of characters I occationally draw

Photos - I'm a keen but quite amateur photographer, this is some of my stuff on flickr

Tshirts - I make tshirts, I'm working on getting it together to sell them too

And a blog about nothing and one about Things We Know

This is me as a zombie eating a leg (also mine)

I'm probably suppose to be doing something else

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» Banks

Fraud prevention (there are probably hundreds of stories like this already but you can hear mine too)
I like the idea of fraud people from my bank checking that my card hasn't been used in bizare ways and checking with me if they think something is amiss. It's the idea I like, not the practice...
Currently my life is fairly linear - I do my shopping at the supermarket in my hometown, I get the train to London, I get cash from cashpoints, and occasionally I buy myself something nice from the internet - nothing extravagant. Last week fraud prevention phoned me up:

Fraud People - Hullo Mr Tiger we're concerned about fraud on your account, could you please confirm your last few charges?
Me - of course, don't want people stealing my money now do we?
FP - indeed, sir. So on Monday there was a payment to a supermarket in your hometown.
Me - Yep that was me
FP - Wednesday a train ticket from your home town to London Euston, a cash withdrawal in London Euston, and a card payment in a restaurant in London
Me - Yes that was me - if you look at previous statements I do go to London a lot.
FP - Yes sir we do have to check though
Me - fair enough
FP - Thursday there's a charge to a supermarket in your hometown and then you bought a train ticket...
Me - Gah!
FP - ...from your hometown to London
Me - *sigh* yes that was me
FP - and today there's an online purchase of 15 pounds
Me - Yes, I decided not to go to london or the supermarket today, instead I was trying to buy a video game...
FP - so that is your purchase then Mr Tiger
Me - which you've declined?
FP - yes, if you make the purchase again in ten minutes it will go through.
Me - thanks... I suppose
FP - my pleasure Mr Tiger, is there anything else I can help you with today?
Me - other than stopping my transactions? No I think that'll be all!
(Fri 17th Jul 2009, 13:05, More)

» Letters they'll never read

A letter I'll never read
Sorry there are no lols in this but I thought I'd share anyway

My best friend (and first love) wrote herself a letter when she was 18 to read on her 30th birthday, which it duly was. She let me read it as there was quite a lot of stuff about me in it.
And at the age of 30 she wrote one to open when she's 40, but she died shortly after turning 31.
I would love to read that letter, or have her read it to me on her 40th birthday. Neither of those things is going to happen.

Hullo Sunshine,
I miss you, I still love you with all my heart and the world is a dimmer place without you.
Love Sunburnt Tiger
(Sun 7th Mar 2010, 19:47, More)

» This book changed my life

Space Captain Smith!
Space Captain Smith has only just been release but I had the privalidge of an advanced copy - basically its the British Empire in space plenty of stiff upper lips, daring-do, and a hefty quantity of tea!

As someone more adept with words than me said: "Set in a universe where the suns never set on a stiff upper lip, this warm-hearted and funny interstellar romp gives the sacred cows of sci-fi a good kicking before racing home in time for tea."

So it's a great book - but what's important to me is that the bloke who wrote it is one of my oldest friends and he's been dreaming of getting published for the 18 odd years I've known him, so now the book is proof that it is possible to live your dreams... Even if you're a workshy lolly-gagger! Which is nice!

For anyone who wants to buy it (and you should!) you can get it from Amazon and Waterstones.

Length? Fairly short but the sequel is released in September!
(Fri 16th May 2008, 17:34, More)

» Family codes and rituals

Are we nearly there yet?
As a young Sunburnt Cub going on long car journeys inevitably the question of "Are we nearly there?" would be asked by me or my bro and my parents had fairly default answers:

My mum (ever the optimist) would tell us that yes we were just around the corner and would be there in no time!

My dad (ever the pessimist or possibly just a realist) would explain that we were hours/miles/ages/eons away!

Usually these answers came at the same time, we didn't know who to trust and in time just stopped asking... which probably means my parents won.
(Thu 27th Nov 2008, 3:05, More)

» Pointless Experiments

On my 30th Birthday...
I was 30 last weekend and obviously now very mature... so we had a competition to see who could fit the most (unchewed) jaffa cakes in their mouth and close their mouth and then eat said jaffa cakes without spitting them out or dying.

I won with 8 Jaffa Cakes.
On a previous (similar) experiment I discovered I could do the same thing with 4 Cream Eggs.

Turns out I have a pretty big mouth!
(Fri 25th Jul 2008, 11:48, More)
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