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Meh. ;-P

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» Prejudice

That Fat Boy Slim video? That's you.
(Sun 4th Apr 2010, 16:36, More)

» Prejudice

I know plenty of great people who are or have been smokers (etc, etc), but when I find out unexpectedly that someone smokes, I can't help but think a bit less of them. I suppose it's a kind of pity - do you really hate yourself that much? There's also a suggestion that maybe you don't really buy all of that "facts" stuff, such as cigarettes being highly likely to seriously fuck you up. You also probably play the lottery and genuinely believe that you will probably win one day, which will solve all of your problems (financial and emotional). You're also needlessly aggressive and think that your "live for today" attitude gives you some kind of right to drink far too much, far too often and give people a hard time for not indulging in the same vices as you on at least as regular a basis. You seek out non-smokers, vegetarians, people who don't enjoy watching football and people who enjoy their jobs and try and start some kind of witless fight with them, based upon their being "boring".

Of course, I might just be stereotyping myself as a non-smoker.

Edit: OK, peeps, bit of clarity: I don't actually think this at all, I just get a sudden pang of self-loathing if I find myself objecting to someone smoking (which, thankfully, hardly ever happens). My "No offence, but I'd rather you didn't" echoes through my head as "I am *so* much better than you and I hate you and all of your kind!"... Mainly because I've heard it put more or less that way by other non-smokers and I subconsciously worry that I'll get confused for someone like that.
(Sun 4th Apr 2010, 16:34, More)

» God

Gay Christians
What's with that?

Isn't that like being a Jewish Nazi?
(Sun 22nd Mar 2009, 18:09, More)

» Shit Claims to Fame II

I own the actual pieces of logo in this ad

(Mon 24th Sep 2012, 14:46, More)

» Prejudice

Amir Khan
A certain non-blood relation of mine was complaining (during a boxing match on TV) that Amir Khan shouldn't really be so high profile and be receiving so much support seeing as he's not from this part of the world. We pointed out that he's British, but this was countered with "But he talks funny!" or something along those lines. Er, yeah, that's because he's from Bolton.

When you have to explain to someone that prejudice against someone based upon their skin colour is racism, you really are working from the bare metal.
(Sun 4th Apr 2010, 22:34, More)
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