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» Body Mods

most snowboarders have crap body mods
a girl i'm friends with used to work at bear mountain in california. one of her best friends was the kind of guy who owned nothing except a snowboard, and lived his off-season preparing for the coming snow. his board was a one of a kind prototype given to him by a pro rider he was friends with. it was his life, pride and joy.

one day it gets stolen.

this young lady spots it while working the lifts and gives her friend a call, "some guy is riding your board here at the mountain."

dude shows up, takes the lift to the top and waits for the perpetraitor. when the man in question exits the lift, the dude beats the living crap out of him, and with his own snowboard tool carves into his forehead "i stole."

he then walked down the mountain and went home. true story.
(Mon 4th Dec 2006, 18:49, More)

» How nerdy are you?

I have a friend who's a bartender. Living in brooklyn that's as common as having a friend with arms. he got this gig slinging drinks on a thursday night at a place that was a bit of a hike from most of the bars in the area. the bar was pretty empty most of the time so we decided to play a game for our drinks. everyone at the bar was welcome. after buying a drink he'd give you a card and write your name (or character name) on it, then you rolled a 20 sided die for another drink. you could gain experience points good for more drinks or challenge anyone at the bar for their drink.
we did this every week over the course of a summer, and it got to be fairly popular. alas, like all role playing games, there will always be someone who wants to out-nerd you. so, as a general rule, i find it best to stop drinking when people agrue over who left their sword on the bar.
(Thu 6th Mar 2008, 16:37, More)