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» Cringe!


After a heavy night on the turps 'n' biccies, I went straight to the golf course (posh one, me not a member there) for a little game with some non booze/drug addled mates. On the second hole I tee'd off (it was probably the best shot of my day) and felt the need for a fart. Sadly, it was a very moist fart; I had in fact shat myself quite completely.

My playing partners had the delight of watching me drop the strides, lose the dung hampers and proceed to clean myself up with the aide of the ball washer and my little ball washer towel.


I had a home stay with a sweet little old lady whilst traveling through Siberia in 2003 (I was 35). I had a dream in bed the last night, which evidently involved me satisfying all of the local girls/ladies plus some domesticated animals (probably). I awoke to find that I had spoofed up an extraordinary amount all over me and more importantly the bed clothes; both barrels at the very least. Crusty, dried up spoof smells wrong. Fortunatly my Russian does not extend to "You Dirty Old Man". Cheers Babooshka.

Happy days lad.

Long time reader first time poster. Never mind the length feel the spoofage
(Wed 3rd Dec 2008, 2:02, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

Poys/Pois - WTF
Get to fuck, you fucking faux hippy cunts. It's for kid's and mongs to entertain themselves for fucks sake.
(Tue 20th Oct 2009, 1:00, More)