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» Abusing freebies

Not me, but my boss...
In the 3 years I have been at my current job (Which I am due to leave next week) I have had plenty of opportunity to witness my boss in full freebie mode. Being the manager of the IT department, he has several opportunities per year to go to trade shows around London, and always comes away with plenty of swag. So far (to my knowledge) he has accumulated the following:

- 4 mugs
- enough free pens to fill all the aforementioned mugs
- His desk has 5 mousemats (including one so small you'd need to be Jeremy Beadle to make use of it and one with a calculator on)...
-...and a similar number of coasters, despite the fact he only has 1 cup, and no-one but him is ever at his desk with a drink
- a thermos
- several lanyards
- Assorted other 'gizzets' as he calls them, including USB pens, little lights and pointers and all sorts of other junk

2 other things of note; Some of his pens have resided in said mugs so long they no longer work, but he insists on keeping them, and he often says he's saving some of the pens, lanyards etc for his kids...Christmas must be fun at his house...

As I said, i'm leaving next week but i have to admit, this is one sight i'll miss; a 40-something man who really ought to be past this stage, going out with the biggest bag possible to collect freebies, and still having to come back with additional free bags with stuff in due to the sheer volume of freebies
(Sat 10th Nov 2007, 23:45, More)

» Pet Peeves

2 just today
that now I think about it, really wind me up something rotten. First of all, those fresh bakery rolls, it doesn't seem to matter which end I try and open the little bastards, they never seem to open. You apply massive amounts of energy to get them open and one of two things happens, it opens with the force you'd expect when you're ripping it apart, sending the rolls flying to the floor, already partially squashed because the bastards don't make the bag big enough NOT to squash them when trying to get it open...or it just refuses to open, so you try the other end, and it opens so easily you wonder if it is some sort of intelligent, but spiteful plastic bag that knows it's irritating but finds it really funny. Why is it whatever end I choose, it's the wrong bloody end?

Secondly, wankers in cars behind me when i'm reversing. OK so I have a car with a reversing camera, it's really helpful for getting really close to the car behind, giving you maximum space to get out of a spot...but you can't even get within a foot of them if they're in their sodding car at the time without a toot on the horn. 'YES I BLOODY KNOW YOU'RE THERE I'VE GOT A FUCKING CAMERA!' Honestly can't they wait until I've actually touched their precious car before they start getting arsey about it? Maybe I should turn it into some sort of game 'How close can you go before someone can't resist the urge to toot?' Bastards. Anyway, that is all for now, so many things annoy me these days, I don't know if I should write any more though, I'm angrier now than when I started, I might give myself a heart attack if I start talking about proper roundabout usage. Cunts.
(Sun 4th May 2008, 22:54, More)