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» Council Cunts

Loan Protection!
Going back to council cnuts, a few years ago, I ended up out of work due to redundancy (well the company went bust, and we got no money, hell we never even saw out last months wages)
So I duly signed up for Jobseekers 'allowance' (if you can call the pittance you get an 'allowance') while I looked for another job.
As I had a bank loan at the time, I decided now was a good time to use the payment protection scheme I had paid for all this time (loan only had 4 months left on it as it was, just being on the dole I couldn't afford to pay it at the time)
Of course I had to send the dole office a form each month to stamp and send on to HSBC....every month, without fail, they managed to lose the form. In the end they finally managed to start sending the forms in but not before the bank had sent me some rather nasty letters, and basically my credit rating was destroyed due to this.
Still I got a job soon after and only had to make 1 more payment on my loan and it was all paid up haha.
Still to this day (4 years later) I still cannot get a credit card due to poor credit rating (even the Capitol one card for people with poor credit rating FFS!)
What makes it worse is, my g/f who hasn't worked in her life (just sponges off me and does f*ck all round the house either..until I get pissed off and kick her out that is, but that's another story..) is allowed to have a credit card...with a 4k credit limit...
(Mon 30th Jul 2007, 13:49, More)

» Council Cunts

That actually sounds pretty fair 40% tax but no council tax etc. Might have to look into emigrating to sweden :D

As for my own story, well as others haven't stuck to councils, neither will I. This is another one about NTL.
Way back in the days of dial up, if you weren't in a cabled area, you could get a little box from NTL, this would then route calls through their network (though all it really did was add some number prefix onto whatever you dialed) so that NTL could charge you instead of BT. I only got this of course as it was a condition of having NTL as an ISP, that way I didn't pay per minute for my dial up access. Anyway 3 months after I signed up, I still hadn't recieved a 'monthly bill' so I rang them up as, while I could save the cash (and did) I would much ratehr recieve said monthly bill rather than have a hefty bill 6 months or so down the line. I can't remember the exact conversation, but I was told basically not to worry they'd sort it out.
Another 2 months went by, no bill. Another phone call with the same result.
After a couple more months I had to phone again, and STILL no bill. This was getting ridiculous. Finally a letter arrived from NTL.
This was a very stern letter saying something along the lines of:

Dear Sir,
Due to lack of payment for your service, we will be cutting you off as of (date here) and you need to pay up NOW, or we'll be taking you to court.


Cretins of NTL

I was quite annoyed over this especially when you consider all the calls I'd made about this.

So I rang them up, and gave the ever so polite operator some abuse on the phone (sorry if this was you, I was annoyed!)
He passed me on to a supervisor, who again had to listen to me rant about how useless NTL were, and they can;t cut me off because i am cancelling my service myself NOW, 3 weeks before their date.
Oh and send me a final bill so I can pay you and get the hell of this POS service.

Upshot is he apologised for the letter and said he'd get my service cancelled for me and have a word with billing.

The service was cancelled the next day.

2 weeks later, true to his word, I recieved another letter (with a bill..for HALF the amount I reckon I owed) the letter was again apologetic, and said they'd only charged half 'for all the distress they may have caused'

So okay, good ending, sorta, but what a way to run a bleedin' business eh?
(Sat 28th Jul 2007, 12:08, More)

» Voyeurism

He likes to watch...
So, about 9 years ago, me and the Mrs split up and I was a little lonely, staying at the parent house. This was when dial up internet was first starting to have subscription free ISPs, I used one of the first X-stream (dunno if they still exist!)
Anyway they had thier own chat room and I used to frequent them on a regular basis. One night I got chatting to a woman who I won't name because I am pretty sure she reads these boards, so I'll call her J :D
She was married but seemed unhappy, but, while I liked her (and she was hot too, I'd seen photos and yes, they were up to date as I found out later..) I didn't believe anything would come of it.
A couple of months go by and she invites me up to see her, now I knew her hubby was going to be around, so I figured no sexytime would be happening. How wrong I was!
Anyway to cut this story shorter, I stayed a few days, but on the last night we had a little party, J, her hubby, and 2 of J's friends. Much Vodka and beer was drunk, J's friends went home, I passed out on the sofa, J and hubby well, I dunno I was passed out.
I was woken up later by J, grabbing my hand and pushing it between her legs saying 'Look what you've done to me'
So umm, yeah things happened, i was merrily boffing away at her, when I looked to my laft to see the sillouhette of her hubby in the doorway watching.
Didn't put me off my stride but I did whisper to J 'Someone's watching us!'
She said 'Don't worry about it'
Being drunk as I was, I sort of shrugged and carried on.
When the job was finished she left, I passed out again (haha, wayyy too much to drink, I'm amazed I could perform :p)
Next morning she explained that she'd wanted to do it, but the only way she'd have gotten a chancwe was for hubby to watch.
So I felt kinda used, but hey, it was a great shag, even if I was being used as voyeur material so a guy could watch his wife do it with another man.

Would I do it again? Hmm, maybe if I was drunk, don't think I would do that sober...
(Thu 18th Oct 2007, 9:29, More)

» Personal Ads

I'm too afraid...
To post my pic on HoN...I'd scare people :o

As for on subject. A good few years ago, I posted my profile on a site called IseeQ.co.uk (or something like that) a personals site for ICQ users. At the time I'd just split up with the mrs, so I was kinda lonely.
Met up with this girl from Woodford in London called Julia.
She was a great girl, the sex was awesome, and I really liked her.
But then the guilt hit me, and I ended up getting back with the ex and probably pissed Julia off a lot.
Sorry Julia, you were right though, I was just afraid of change and going back was a big mistake.
Ah well...
(Mon 17th Sep 2007, 16:51, More)

» Council Cunts

RE: Child Tax Credit
I actually get..wait for it... £4 child tax credit a month.
Why? Because when we applied for it, I'd been out of work for 6 months or so the previous year (what can I say? I was picky about what I wanted to do for a job, I really didn't want to go work at tesco's or something crud like that in the meantime) anyway..
Due to this when we applied, despite me sending in various wage slips from the job I had (and still have now actually) they still worked out what we should be paid from the previous year.

So we got a nice lump sum of about £4000 (close to it but not the exact amount and I am not gonna dig out the paperwork to check!) and the maximum amount of tax credits per week for the year.
next year they went 'Oh we've overpaid you by about £2000'
SO they deduct it from what I would get...so I get £4 a month or so haha

-edit, I gotta say, I am really liking this QOTW it makes for good reading :)

--doubleedit and as My relationship is on very rocky ground, and a split is very much on the cards, I dread to think what will happen then..will they want the rest of the £2000 back right away? after all with the small amount they take only about £150 of it so far has been paid off......
(Wed 1st Aug 2007, 17:49, More)
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