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A sniff ... a bark!
A few years ago I went camping in Newquay, Cornwall with my cousin. On one of the nights we went to a club and met a couple of girls. The girl that I met was a rather feisty nurse student from Portsmouth. At the end of the night after the club had closed and the crowd had been thrown out. She asked if I had any jonnys, I told her I didnt at which point I thought Id blown it as she went bounding down the road and started talking to other pissed up blokes. Thinking that all was lost, she called me over and had managed to get a rubber off one of the unlucky fellas! we headed down onto the beach away from the crowd and started fondling in the long beach grass. Everything was going very smoothly, in fact so smoothly I commented on her smooth velvety quim! Next thing I know theres a sniffing noise and then a wet lick on my naked arse, I stop and turned around to a shadow of an alsation dog then a torch shining in my face that was in the hand of some dirty old get! I told him to fuck off as I pushed the dogs snout away from my backside.
(Thu 23rd Apr 2009, 16:04, More)