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» What's the hardest you've tried to get dumped?

Tell her you want a threesome (and I mean the cool kind, not a sausagefest) If you fail to get dumped, you still win!

You can then keep upping the antie too: "Last night was fun darling, but there was something missing....baby oil and four more of your friends!" Its like repeatedly pressing the gamble button on a fruit machine, and it spewing out more and more money each time, untill you eventually hit the jackpot, she dumps you, and you end up having to clean ALL the mayonaise back out of the local swimming pool and make your apologies to the local college ladies netball, hockey and athletics teams....cos its sod's law that they would never go for it after the female hive mind found out what a bastard you were to her!
(Sun 8th Jun 2008, 0:50, More)