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» How nerdy are you?

Unlike Douglas Adams (RIP),
I actually do make jokes in base-13.

God I hate being single
(Thu 6th Mar 2008, 22:54, More)

» Body Horror

I've just come back from a minor eye op.
For a while I've had a lump in the corner of my eyelid the size of a pea. After the hassle with the Clockwork Orange lid clamps and some anaesthetic that didn't quite work they managed to excise it. If anyone wants to see what they didn't manage to scoop out with those dinky little curettage spoons and has since oozed out onto the dressing do, please, let me know.

I asked for a black dressing - looking like a pirate would be no small comfort - but, alas, the NHS did not oblige.
(Thu 11th Jul 2013, 16:17, More)

» Tinkering

I turned a broken Reliant Scimitar into a working one.
Now, where's my damn medal?
(Mon 1st Aug 2016, 23:22, More)

» Hidden talents

I can read Klingon.
I can barely understand two words, so I'm not completely beyond hope. Still, seeing the bf's face light up when he opened his birthday card does make being a (near) complete saddo worthwhile if you ask me.
(Sun 20th Apr 2014, 22:32, More)

» Sex Toys

One word:

Buy one.
Follow the instructions and be patient.
Oh yes.

They don't vibrate or anything (not by themselves, anyway) but good God will you enjoy it.
(Fri 18th May 2012, 22:13, More)
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