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Based Nr Cambridge...Publishing just isn't that interesting anymore so looking for a random tangent to head down... all ideas welcome.

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» Pet Stories

Take one grumpy ginger cat, remove one rear leg (cancerous lump) and watch how it improves his mood we also had a better tempered tabby. They were masters of tormenting the labrador next door and it is the only time the two cats got on. One would sit with a paw stuck through the hole in the fence, said lab would spot this run over barking and stick it's nose through the hole at which point of course the cat would strike and the dog would run off whining. At this point the cats would swap and the other one would stick it's paw through the fence... and on it went. My dad eventually took pity on the dog and blocked the hole in the fence!

My current cat is the cuddliest I've ever met but it can be a bit much when every time you stop moving for more than a couple of seconds he sits on you. His best move has been to wake me up by bringing in a live bird and letting it go in the bedroom at 6am a couple of days after I had knee surgery. It's such good fun hopping naked around your bedroom trying to catch the cat and throw him out and then rescue his catch and thow that out too. Just to add insult this was the stroppiest sparrow I've ever met and it pecked me constantly until I managed to chuck it out of the window!
(Fri 8th Jun 2007, 10:29, More)

» Stalked

Was I a stalker?
I used to walk past the same bloke every day on my way to work, did so for weeks, and we had got to the point of smiling while walking past each other (no alterior motive on my part it just seemed stupid to ignore him), then on to a small nod of greeting. One morning however I tried to break down a barrier....I spoke ....shock horror.
I never saw him again and I always wonder if he thought I was stalking him.
(Mon 4th Feb 2008, 14:36, More)

» Customers from Hell

Dept. store cafe
I had the joy of working in the restaurant at Debenhams many years ago. At this time we had a delightful uniform of bottle green skirt, little apron, green and white striped shirt and the icing on the cake... a little yellow bow tie.
Now I actually enjoyed this job, it was a good giggle, not overly taxing and being a cheery soul I didn't mind exchanging pleasantries with Joe Public.
We weren't cursed with too many awkward customers fortunately but my favourite was the couple who wandered over and asked for a coffee. I poured a coffee from one of the pots available. The man looks at me and says
"I want a fresh one"
"fine" says I "this pot has just brewed" he watches me pour it and says
"It's not strong enough" how he knows this without tasting I have no idea. I lie about one of the machines brewing stronger coffee and pour him a cup from a 3rd jug.
"Well that's not hot enough now is it?" and to add emphasis to this he sticks his finger in it and promptly swears as the coffee is indeed extremely hot.
All the while his wife has stood there saying nothing just a looking serene and calm, until the last cup where a look of glee briefly flashed across her face. She finally speaks as I hand him a cup of cold water to stick his sore finger in.
"I don't really want it after you've stuck your bloody finger in it." Picked up the first cup I'd poured and went off to pay leaving him stood there.
Strange couple!
(Thu 4th Sep 2008, 21:29, More)

» DIY disasters

Women and DIY
I doubt this the right place for me to get on my soapbox (sorry it's not funny) but....

To all the women who whine and complain that their partner never gets stuff done.

Learn how to do it yourself you lazy mare, it's not bloody rocket science. It isn't difficult to put up shelves or paint and if you are really struggling you can even take classes in it at many colleges now so there is no excuse.

I have an assortment of power tools and I know how to use all of them, I have no qualms about doing a bit of plumbing, wiring, painting or a bit of car or motorcycle maintenance. I have taken the time to find out how to do it rather than relying on my partner to do it (would have been a very long wait).

Quick edit after reading a few more posts: Common sense is very useful for DIY whatever sex you are!
(Mon 7th Apr 2008, 13:32, More)

» Water, boats and all that floats

A house? No I think we'll try a boat instead
This was the great plan of ex hubby many years back and it sounded good to me at the time but I feel it wasn't destined to be....
A boat was found in a Marina a few miles down the road and a deal was done. It needed an engine but this was part of the deal. While still at the Marina some one managed to unplug the power supply from the mains so the bilge pump had no power, boat sank.
The marina picked up the bill for this mishap and soon hubby was heading back towards the sunny shores of Cambridge when a hose burst leaving him stranded somewhere between Isleham and Cambridge until they managed to bodge the hose back together after several hours. On arriving in Cambridge it was booked into a boat yard for some work who told us it had some amazing woodworm thing and could fall apart at any moment.
Downhearted but not yet defeated we moored up in Town and started clearing it out in the hope that we could find a way to restore it. Then it sank again (stolen battery)and we paid the sea cadets 50p to refloat it. About 15 minutes after it was refloated someone was back on there robbing stuff off it (there was only some small bits of wiring left). We admitted defeat at this point, cut our losses and got rid of it. I've not been that enthused about boats since.
(Mon 5th Nov 2012, 13:44, More)
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