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As Poetman, I'm Righting Wrongs by Writing Songs, fusing magic and music with comedy poetry.
Based in Leicester.
My channel is William Makes Beer

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» Going Too Far

But I was only joking... I like gingers...
This was a few nights ago.
Some friends were round and we'd found enough energy to turn from the TV for some nattering and friendly jibes at each other.
Abby is a very slight girl, she's very moral but has a formidable well of eternal temper just beneath the surface. Which makes her the best person to wind up especially because she's got a schoolboy boyfriend who's ginger.
We were talking about the girl who'd been Alex's shadow all night, and how we couldn't believe he'd not shown the slightest interest in her.
His voice turned serious, "She was a fucking ginger."

Abby flinched.

The obligatory "How old's Adam now? Twelve?" jokes came out, and Alex, knowing full well she was a firm believer in the sanctity of Marriage, went on at length about how awesome sex is, how its stupid to wait, and how after sex its like there's a golden haze over the world.

She told him she was waiting for good reason, very obviously near the edge of her temper, but I couldn't help myself from pushing it "But come on, I think I'd be using any excuse to delay it if I was going to be losing it to a ginger..."

There were stifled laughs but, her face now bright red, Alex and I surely had to leave. My apologies saw no reply.
As soon as we were out of the house (and for the next half hour) Alex said "That was the best thing anyone has ever said. Ever."
(Sat 11th Nov 2006, 14:49, More)