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ps3 id is kuja84


my link is the dead rats with light bulbs. I am very chuffed with this :D

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» Bastard Colleagues

i also for an energy provider
love the job, and most of the people i work with. however, i do have some complaints
1. the computer equipment seems to just as old as the building its self (20 odd years)
2. new big boss wants all staff to do a 'one and done' approach, ie, sort out the moaning customers on the call so they dont have to call back, which they oftern do no matter how many times not to as its all been sorted, and if its not your call and you try to pass it to the correct department, they refuse to take it as they would rather play solitaire/ surf the limited access internet, rather than do their fcuking job and help the poor sod whos been on hold for 30 mins..
3. tho its not sales centered any more, we still get told that we should 'promote' on every bloody call, even if its someone calling up to say their wife has died.
4. the scots. i can pretty much say with confidence that when you have a scottish person on the phone (usually old and senile, living off hatred and vileness in their blood) you will get told how shit you are at your job before you can say hello.
i love the gas, but my god you do realise how stupid people are.
appolgies for rant, but i do feel better now.
*useless fact: liverpool has the highest rate of stolen electricity (called abstraction) and gas. says something about the place doesnt it
(Sun 27th Jan 2008, 12:19, More)

» Call Centres

Call centers are bad
The people who call them are worse.

(Sun 6th Sep 2009, 1:36, More)

» Best Graffiti Ever

Probably on here, but im not going through 27 pages of stories
sex is evil
evil is sin
sin is forgiven
so get stuck in
my dad thorght this was hilarious, good job i didnt tell him i wrote it..
R.I.P though, those bogs got knocked down few years later :(
(Sat 5th May 2007, 13:54, More)

» Call Centres

got loads of these stories.
there is some one who works in the indian office of where i work called twinkle twinkle. theres also a twinkle dolly.

(Sun 6th Sep 2009, 1:41, More)

» Pet Stories

Becasue we had an enclosed garden, we could allow my rabbit to run around all day, knowing he would get out. Id get up around 8am, let him out, then eat my breafast with him (lettace and toms for him, crunchy nut cornflacks for me!) He'd eat grass, chase the pidgeons and challenge any cat which came into the garden! At night, depending on his mood, he'd either go into his hutch on his own, or me and my dad would have to rugby tackle him and throw him into his hutch, often follwed by him banging the walls of the hutch so show how pissed off he was!! Saddly he died, very quickly. One day we let him out and he just didnt want to come out, we noticed he was limping so took him to the vet, but saddly he died when got there. Very sudden indeed. He probably caught something from one of the flying rats he often chased :) Funny thing is, my dad, who doesnt show much emotions, cried when he died!! RIP Rabbit (no, we didnt name it!! just swore at him alot hahaha!!!)
(Fri 8th Jun 2007, 19:14, More)
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