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» The Weird Kid In Class

Correct spelling of 'weird'.

Honestly, I see so many people spelling it wrong here... >_<
(Sun 21st Jan 2007, 3:54, More)

» School Trips

A person actually died when I was at camp.
When I was 9 years old, at a camp (can't remember the name) in good ol' New Zealand, one of my class-mates, Steven Hawkey, drowned. I wasn't one of his close friends, and I wasn't too sad, but... damn. I remember sitting in my cabin with some other people and my mum was saying that he was curled up somewhere, asleep. (Or something like that).

Anyway, afterwards, nine-year-olds weren't allowed to go to school camp and there's now a memorial garden at my old school. (Devonport Primary, if anyone's interested).

Edit: First post, so be gentle (etc).
(Fri 8th Dec 2006, 4:07, More)

» Terrible Parenting

Names, etc.
What about naming your kid 4real? No kidding. 4real. Idiots.

My parents haven't been that bad, thank God.
(Sat 18th Aug 2007, 7:38, More)

» Accidental animal cruelty

I love my hairballs, but...
... There has been one incident of accidental cruelty.

I kicked my cat in the head once. My brother was playing with the cat, and I had my foot at the level of her head, and... yeah. She ran into my foot. She's fine, though.
(Fri 7th Dec 2007, 6:16, More)

» Pet Stories

Mah fuzzy hairballs...
I've had a few cats while I've been alive. 4 in total: 2 chillin' in cat heaven, 2 living and being adorable as we write / speak / whatever.

Tiger (??? - ca.1992): Lilac-point Siamese cat. He was a beautiful furball - unfortunately, he died when I was about 3 years old from jaw cancer. The kicker is, not long before, my parents had to get him a new leg due to him being a furry idiot. I've got a picture of him somewhere, and I vaguely remember patting him when I was little.

Tabby (??? - ca.2002): He was a tabby (hence his name). He was also very shy, due to him being a wild cat that my mum rescued - and that meant that only Mum was able to pat him. He died some time ago from a kidney disease (which meant he was crapping all over the house - charming!).

Roo (??? - present): He's an Abyssinian - Ocicat cross, and he's mostly AWOL, due to the other cat in the household. He's a lovely boy, when he's not outside, and enjoys being flea-combed.

Sylvie (Nov 1998 - present): My favourite wee furball. Her mum was a Siamese purebred, and her dad was a tabby tomcat - this is because mum came on heat, got shut inside, broke the cat door, cue cat sex. She's usually around the house most of the time, but occasionally brings in rodents, birds and skinks (lizards). Sylvie also bullies Roo something awful, which started from approximately the minute she set paw inside the house. She is also ickle and fuzzy and I wuv her so much!

Apologies for length. I love/d my fluffy ickle wee furballs.
(Mon 11th Jun 2007, 9:35, More)
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