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» I'm your biggest Fan

Shattered Image
Long time lurker, first time poster. Be gentle!

I met Christopher Lee at the launch of his autobiography in 1997. I went with a friend who worked in publishing and who had also managed to get me a proof copy of the book, beforehand. It took me a couple of hours and several glasses of wine to summon up the courage to go over to this icon and ask him for an autograph in my proof copy.

He looked at me as though I had just asked him for anal sex (not in a good way) and then proceeded to tell me he wasn't prepared to sign his name to the proof copy as it was full of errors and I should go out and buy a copy of the book, which he would then sign. I had idolised this man for most of my life - (Dracula, 3 musketeers, the devil rides out, the wicker man, etc, etc, etc...) and now I was crushed. You should never meet your heroes.

I was so disappointed (and drunk) that I attempted to steal Terry Pratchett’s hat and was asked to leave.
(Fri 17th Apr 2009, 11:13, More)

» Gambling

"I bet you 50p I can make your boobs move without touching them"
I saw this done once, when I was training as a chef. Fortunately for the head chef (who was playing the joke on one of the catering managers) she didn't understand the jape first time round so he had to do it all over again - the second time for free!
(Mon 11th May 2009, 16:43, More)