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» I don't understand the attraction

Some of the few...
As I'm a techy sort, I'll start the with the obvious.

PC vs Mac vs Linux, and the associated ragging.

If it works for you, then fine, use it. What I don't want to hear is how your particular choice is the best that ever was, and what ever will be. The sun does not shine out of Gates', Jobs', or Torvalds' arses. Just because you're enjoying the feeling of the balls of your chosen God slapping against your chin, then it doesn't mean that I want my turn. Windows works for me, it doesn't for others. I don't preach about how great Windows is, yet others around me take the word "Windows" to be the starting pistol for a massive fanboy attack, proclaiming everything else to be shit, and offering the previous conversationalists a turn at some major-league ball licking. Fuck off with your fanboyism, it's childish, and plainly fucking annoying.

Just... Plain... SHIT. I actually sat down and read the books to formulate my opinion on how utterly shit it is. Trashy romance for the new teens.

Edward (of Twilight): NOT A FUCKING VAMPIRE. As others mentioned, vampires suck red stuff out of necks, are bad, and explode or otherwise die in sunlight. They don't turn into a fucking Swarovsky display. Edward is a METAPHOR for how mysterious and feral boys appear to be to 15 year olds going through puberty. The writer herself admitted that making him a vampire was easy, and a sure-fire ticket to sell a metric fuckton of books (Ok, not her words, but the same effect) to today's "OMFG OCCULT SOUNDING STUFF IST KOOL, JA?" and emo fuckwits.

Rest are going to be quick.
PS3 fanboys, 360 fanboys, any fanboys. Star Wars, Star Trek, modifing cars. Watercooling freaks. Overclocking, MPs expense rowers. Newspapers. Talentless hacks being given way too much public outcry after doing essentially fuck all for anyone (I'm looking right the fuck at you Goody). Overreaction to celebrity death.

Christ, I could go on forever.

Oh there's another big one... RELIGION

Length? This was the tl;dr version, ye cheeky scroat
(Tue 20th Oct 2009, 20:58, More)

» IT Support

PCs, Printers, Laptops, the whole 27 feet.
I used to (I say "used to", but a lot of it still sticks with me) work as a engineer in a small shop. 10 people working there, little shop on the High Street kind of place.

In 3 1/2 years, you get a collection of stories.

Firstly the job entaled building the new PCs as well as fixing the ones that "never worked in the first place" (Read, I fucked it up and don't want to admit to it. More on that later...).
Being the industrious little lad, I'd have them finish from parts, and set up on the side in a little under 2 hours (From parts, mind you, not just "slap it on the side and install Windows from the recovery disk"), for the lovely display of cheap and nasty budget cases, with more grey than you'd like to admit.
As people may know, a lot of OEM power supplies come with power switches at the back, as a master on/off. Which when packing the machines away, I'd habitually turn off.
By the end of my time there, I'd lost count of the number of people I'd spoken to along the following lines...

Nalr: Ok, what seems to be the problem?
User: That PC you sold me doesn't work!
Nalr: Ok, well, in what way doesn't it work?
User: It doesn't turn on!
Nalr: Have you checked the power cables, sockets, etc?
User: Yes, of course (normally adding in "I'm not an idiot!" at that point)
Nalr: Ok, well where the power cable goes into the back of the PC, there'll be a little switch with 1 and 0 on it. Which of those are currently set?
User: Er.. 0
Nalr: Flick it.
User: Oh.

Amazing how many people fuck up the small stuff. I've had people saying they'd worked in IT before, and being caught out with that. Nothing malicious or owt, just a force of habit.
(Sun 27th Sep 2009, 15:31, More)