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» Mix Tapes

Mixes for Freedom
Way back in the distant days of the early eighties I used to exchange mix tapes with a chum in Johannesburg in what was then the apartheid state of South Africa.
In one of the tracks on the C-90 we used to mix in spoken word, typically messages back and forth between the ANC in the UK and RSA. Despite quite harsh customs, no one ever found a trace of these. The key was to put it in an obviously black track, which white customs men wouldn't want to listen to for any time other than the random ff, listen, ff, listen that they sometimes did.

I think I've still got one of the tapes, very interesting to listen to now.
(Thu 7th Feb 2008, 17:27, More)

» Dodgy work ethics

In the 80's after I'd left the army me and a few mates started doing contract work and one of the
best contracts was out in Sri Lanka. You have to bear in mind that the local forces are typically shite so they like to use westerners for important jobs as well as a status symbol. (I'm so important I have two Brits guarding me and all that.) A lot of our work was up North working on securing the "border" around Yapanaya and stopping Tamil Tigers from wandering out and killing Sinhal locals. Usual yarbles if you've ever spent time swopping fire with distant wankers.
We used to get one weekend in three off and typically enjoyed the tropical delights on offer, but after a few months we got offered some extra work.
The job was to take old Israeli Dvora fast attack craft up to the Northern waters (NNA/NCNA) and sink just about anything up there which wasn't official Lanka traffic. It did used to have suicide boats picking on international traafic as well as Indian boats smuggling arms to the terrorists. It wasn't difficult work, especially as the main gun is a 20mil and a single shot from one of those will bring down a full grown palm tree - I know because we took turns doing just that when it got quiet.
It was "off book" work but at 5k a weekend each (in the 80's) it was a great earner, even if a trifle naughty.
(Sat 9th Jul 2011, 23:53, More)

» School Days

Happy Days
Back in the 70's, and it may have well been the 1870's for how old fashioned it all was there were lots of single sex schools so flirting with gurls wasn't going to happen so there was just bollocking about.

Eventually we built a full set of bollocking about acts, which managed to entertain us through what otherwise would have been a dull day learning things.

One of my faves was chair dominoes, back when every pupil had an individual desk with a wooden lid and a chair, at the end of the day chairs were put on top of the desks to make life easier for the cleaners. The idea was to get in early and set every chair right on the edge of a desk, just millimetres from falling into the next, and arrange them so they'd fall like dominoes. Tip toeing out you closed the door with a broom behind it, to set the first one off. Then you just hung around waiting for the teacher, or an unpopular pupil to turn up.

Worked well especially if you combined it with a mass desk move, because everyone had their desk with their books in it. This would mean the entire class would be late registering, late for assembly, and classes in your year would start late. Hurrah!

Teachers cars were a good target too, so strings of coke cans tied to the back and hidden underneath, gravel in the hubcaps, shaved cork and magnesium down the exhaust tube which would smoke like mad.

We had one teacher who had a moped, so we'd just carry it off and hide it somewhere in the school, in the toilets, in a cupboard, two floors up in a chem lab, all the places mopeds aren't expected to be. He got smart to our game so started to chain it to a drainpipe, so we scrounged up lengths of chain and padlocks and made it extra secure for him.

Of course standards are slipping, it's all stabbings now, what's funny about that?
(Mon 2nd Feb 2009, 3:01, More)

» I'm going to Hell...

It's all true
I'm going to hell because I told 4chan they weren't half as original nor entertaining as b3ta. Well I think that's what they said...
(Wed 17th Dec 2008, 1:49, More)


Was this question borrowed from 4chan?

(Tue 6th Aug 2013, 12:23, More)
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