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I'm as speshul as they come & I'm Dutch, how's that for a combination?

I've been zombified by the lovely HappyToast and animated by yours truly :)

And that's me unzombified:
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» Body Mods

Needle got Stuck
I do all my piercings myself & the only one I ever really cocked up was when I pierced my right nipple. It was alot harder then last time I did it and barely got the fucker through,then after 10 minutes it did and I just relaxed for a bit to recover. BAD IDEA. because I didn't put the jewelery in right away my nipple had swollen and I couldn't get the needle out. The more I tried to get it out the more stressed the tissue got and it started bleeding as well.
After trying everything I could think of I went to have a bath,needle and all. Luckely the heat relaxed it and so I was able to put the jewelery in.
That was a leason learned I can tell you.
(Sat 2nd Dec 2006, 19:57, More)

» My Collection

I have a huge collection of rocks, semi- and gemstones.
It's so big I still haven't been able to get it from my dad's house in Holland to my current one in the UK.

I also collect antique books and coins.. bit boring aint I?

the reason I collect these things is because they just quite simply fascinate me beyond belief.
(Mon 15th Jan 2007, 10:21, More)