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» Drunk Shopping

Woke up with the laptop next to me in bed, and several shopping sites still displayed on the screen.

Over the next few days I was presented with a game called 'penguin pile up', a giant gummy bear, a functional ex-soviet gas mask and a multi tool. I wish I knew what my drunk self was planning to construct from that array of objects.
(Fri 11th Apr 2014, 0:51, More)

» Shit Bosses

Working in tech support
We had to keep calls short, which meant a limited time span for listening to people shout at you about things that were beyond your ability to fix... things like 'your local telephone exchange is under 6' of water due to the recent flooding'.
Our manager understandably did not want to have to listen to the countries most ignorant and angry internet customers either. Passing on too many calls for people who had requested to speak with him would result in loosing your job.

Despite this I got repeatedly complained at for 'forwarding too many calls to extention 253'. I found it the best solution all round... after all its not like anyone actually sent us any faxes.
(Sun 12th Apr 2015, 12:20, More)

» Best and worst TV ads

this advert actualy makes me feel a little insane
Two anthropomorphc bits of cereal lick each other... www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cl57urqb9E
(Tue 20th Apr 2010, 0:51, More)