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Who is watching your internet usage ? Dare you click This link (Maybe NSFW, or NSF getting the FBI or MI5 knocking your door

A turbot is a big flat fish that lives at the bottom of the sea

But I am a 37 year old male.

PSN ID: turb0t72

I like to fly both big and small helicopters

and I've crashed the small ones many times

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I get bored very quickly and easily at work and I don't have time to waste talking on web sites like this, but I do make time for it ;o)

I did learned about the vagina here and here

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You are .mpg You live life like it was a movie.  Constantly in motion, you bring pleasure to many, but are often hidden away.
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OK, so its the office connection and not mine :p

I need to get on with my work

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» Hotel Splendido

Hotel Porn
As said in and earlier posting, I do a lot of travel in my job.
I have to pay for all the hotels and meals etc, myself and then claim back the expenses from the company.
Obviously, having the pay per view porno movies on the hotel bill would not qualify as a valid expense. I recall staying in a really nice hotel in Warsaw a few months back. My job involves heavy use of the internet, in order to connect through to our main data centre and then through to the remote offices, and while away on business we are expected to work through the night.
I noticed on the list of internet charges, that there was a choice of paying by the hour, or paying for 24hours (usually 24hrs charge is about 3X 1 hr charge), but this time there was a 3rd option, 24hours internet with all movie channels on the TV, it also stated that it would be shown on the bill as "Full internet communications package".
The next three nights was a major wankathon, I hardly slept at all, but watched every porno film listed, and shrek 3.
My cock was so sore, that for a week after that it hurt to pee.
(Wed 23rd Jan 2008, 14:14, More)

» The thing I've been most ashamed of doing with a penis

At the age of 4
I separated the join a hoola-hoop (not the crisp) and put my willy in the open tubular end of it and did a wee. The wee came out of the other end.
They were not impressed with me at the nursery.
(Thu 12th Mar 2009, 12:25, More)

» Stupid Dares

In primary school
somebody dared me to write "shit" on the blackboard. I did. I was about 7 at the time. I felt really big, until I got the smacking of my life from my parents.
(Thu 1st Nov 2007, 12:19, More)

» Picky Eaters

Weighing food
When I was young, there was some sort of survey done at school, and I was identified, along with a few others as being a fussy eater. From that point onward, every item of food that I did eat had to be weighed, so having been given a plate of school dinners I had to weigh it, and when I had finished picking at it, I had to weigh the plate of barely eaten food. This happened for every meal, and it went on for months. I dont even know the results.
But now, things are better appart from the fact taht I now suffer from "empty plate syndrome". no matter how much food is on my plate i have to scoff the lot. If I feel totally full up and bloated and there is food still left on the plate, it doesnt matter it has to be practically licked clean.
At work we only have a microwave oven in the kitchenette area in the office, so everyday I bring in a microwave dinner, 99% of the time it is a curry from sainsburys, and it is washed down with about 2-3L of cocacola during the course of day. This week I was at the doctors. The doctor said I now have to stop drinking coke and eating microwave dinners or I will die one day. Well fuck me! People are just not satisfied.
(Thu 1st Mar 2007, 14:25, More)

» Ripped Off

I'm not usually allowed to claim my overtime, but on this one occaision I was.
It was £114 of overtime added to my salary. How much tax did I pay in this month £120 MORE than I usually pay. Basically, for those of you that are mathmactically challenged, I was now £6 worse off for doing overtime.

I'm sorry that this is boring for you and that its not a witty story in any way.
(Mon 19th Feb 2007, 10:46, More)
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