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I am 20.

I am female.

I live in England.

I am studying to be a vet.

I have a cat who is horrid and likes to bite my hand.
I also have pet rats who are nice.

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» Siblings

My younger brother (17 now)
Has, since he was about 14, repeated many times an exhibition he finds absolutely hilarious.

1. Put on a dressing gown and only a dressing gown.

2. Play the song "Flash" by Queen (see where this is going?)

3. Every time the song goes "flash", run up to someone, opening his dressing gown to expose himself with perfect timing.

It has become gradually more disturbing as he's got older.
(Fri 26th Dec 2008, 16:27, More)

» Where is the strangest place you have slept?

Twas at a bus station...
..in Venezuela. After a hellish bus journey, lasting about 40 hours, in which 3 of the buses broke down and we were forced to hitchhike in the jeeps of the national guard, we were forced to stop at a bus station for a significant time while we waited for a connection.

The bus driver from our previous bus very kindly found us a room to lock our bags in, so without further ado we proceeded to lay out our sleeping bags upon the concrete, and settled down for a sleep.

I was awoken by the coughing of the rest of the group, and one member (who had been in the army) shouting "Don't worry guys, it's only CS gas!" It turned out a gruop of security guards had seen fit to try and move us on, and after we had failed to understand their ramblings in Spanish (I'm told I slept thruogh all this) decided to gas us out.

So, not only the strangest place I've slept, but most definately the strangest way I've woken up.
(Fri 29th Dec 2006, 11:41, More)

» Picky Eaters

I had a friend when I was younger.
He was a bit odd. Once when he came round for dinner and my mum asked him if he liked waffles, he replied that he only liked the small ones. Tragically, mother had bought the large waffles, so she cut them into quarters and gave them to him.

He never even noticed they'd been cut up, and ate them quite happily. Clearly the flavour changes when you divvy them up.
(Wed 7th Mar 2007, 20:08, More)

» Puns

Last night my flatmates and I went out...
dressed as pirates. We ran into a friend in town who asked us why we were dressed as pirates. Only one way to respond to that:

"Because we AAARRRR!"
(Fri 6th Mar 2009, 15:13, More)

» Conned

Not me personally, but
we've just had to change our policy for taking direct insurance claims at the vet's where I work. Direct claims are for people with very large bills, so the insurance company can pay the vet's directly instead of the client paying us and then claiming back from the insurance company.

The reason for the change was that one client ran up a bill of about £600 and asked for a direct claim. Fine - we take the claim form, fill out our bit and send it back to the client to send to the insurance company (making sure they've signed and ticked the box to pay the vet, not the policyholder).

One lot of people we did this for, however, changed the form back to have themselves paid, and promptly pulled a disappearing act. So. Not only did they get an op costing around £600 for free, they also earned themselves this amount off the insurance company to put towards their next holiday or car.

To avoid getting conned again we now send the forms direct to the insurance company, who weren't too happy about the whole incident either.
(Fri 19th Oct 2007, 10:54, More)
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