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» Food sabotage

Pizza Hot
When I was a student I worked in a Pizza place. We made the whole thing from scratch, bases, tomato sauce and whathaveyou (obviously not the toppings though). At the end of shift we were allowed to take any pizza of our choice home. We usually finished quite late in the evening. A girl who I worked with would frequently have her pizza stolen by her flatmate because she would leave it in the fridge to eat the next day.

As soon as I discovered this the course of action to take was clear - lots of tabasco at every stage...

The pizza base had tabasco poured into it even before it was left to rise, a small amount of tomato went into the alleged tomato sauce mixture, the rest substituted with tabasco. Her usual veggie toppings were soaked in tabasco before being applied as toppings. And after it was cooked more tabasco was added.

We had to burn it slightly to hide the fact the base was a little pinkish and hope that once cold it wouldn't really smell of tabasco.

It worked. There was only one piece missing which was found in the bin along with the rejected bite taken from it. The c unit.
(Fri 19th Sep 2008, 13:17, More)

» My sex misconceptions

Nothing to do with sex, but
I thought the people who did Teletext/Ceefax/Oracle put in the extra spaces between words to get words to butt up against both left and right edges themselves. It never thought as a child (in the 80s) that a computer could justify text itself!
(Sat 27th Sep 2008, 0:41, More)