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» Where is the strangest place you have slept?

a chilly one
this christmas eve i got rather lashed with a lovely young lady up in a french ski resort, ended back up at her chalet and things were going well. i awoke in her bed at around four am and decided that instead of doing the early morning walk of shame i would slip out in the night. as i stepped onto the street the cold night air hit me like a brick wall. it took my breath and my balance, so i sat down to steady myself and prepare mentaly for the icy walk home. around two hours later i got woke up by my own shaking, lying face down on the floor. in -6 temperature. i was well and truly hypothermic. couldnt breath, barely move, blue lips and very fuzzy brain. i managed to crawl back into the chalet, and back into her bed where i curled up next to her, shivering. i then was rudely woken up again. by one of the girls who lived down the hall.. asking what the fuck i was doin in her bed..
(Thu 4th Jan 2007, 10:48, More)