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I be liking to mess aboot with tha fotoshop an shtuff. I also do fotographee. I'm from Somerrrset, now live in tha big citee of Landon with city folke.

Male, mid-30s, not a virgin.

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» That's me on TV!

The Priory
I went with my brother and a couple of his mates who'd got tickets to be on The Priory. Turning up at a warehouse in the Caledonian Road area, we got in quickly to find beers sat on a table for the audience, which was nice. Would have been nicer if we'd got there earlier and more than two each, sniff.

Working in telly, i had some idea of where the camera's were most likely to be, and chose a good seat. My brother and chums thought they'd be best off down the front for their 15nanoseconds of fame. They weren't seen at all.

I however, had clearly chosen the bestest seat ever. Because i was sat on the end of a row at roughly chest height, it was the prefect spot to put George Best, a guest on the show. So i made way for Mr. Best, and got to shake one of Britains greatest footballers hands. Then in another segment a woman in a red top and i were asked to make way for Jamie and Zoe, woman in red top promptly stood in front of me, so constantly tried to peer around her, looking like i was some loon on ecstacy/medication.

After the studio was stopped for a commercial break, Zoe asked me and a few others to think who we thought were overrated. I was the third person to be asked by Zoe. However, I'm most proud of my thumbs up when George was introduced. Pure class. www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKYdRxNMGH0

I used to work in the basement at BBC TV Centre, and knew all the various ways to get into the studios. For awhile in the late 90's i was often seen in the audience at Jools Hollands show, after sneaking in.
(Sat 13th Jun 2009, 9:56, More)