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» Public Transport Trauma

trains buses and the HELL I suffer daily!
where do I start, ok here goes with a few PET hates..............

1. People who think their bag needs a seat FUCK OFF it does!!
2. People who are asleep on trains with bags on seats I like to wake them rudely then run off ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (don't ever fall asleep on the Stoke train that's all I can tell you!)
3. Kids why oh WHY do mothers think EVERYONE wants to hear you laughing and applauding at everything your horrible chocolate faced stinky little whinging rat does??
4. Crying kids on buses with chavvy mothers in dobber clobber and with T shirts over their MASSIVE fat bellies/tits with BABE written on there is false advertising if EVER I saw it.
5. Mobile phones being used as the 21st century ghetto blasters ARGH!
6. Old People thinking they can push in front of you at bus stops and trains just cos your old doesnt mean you go first back of the queue!
7. Crying babies, kids, old folks
8. Dogs..... flea ridden dogs that sit on you (this has happened to me twice!)
9. Becoming the nutter magnet and being told by a random lady that she is an adult baby nanny! (TRUE story)
and finally
10. Bus drivers who think there are on Rita at alton towers.... T W A T S

Thats all ooh I can feel a lie down being needed and not one on a bus and DEFO not a train....
(Fri 30th May 2008, 23:37, More)

» The Weird Kid In Class

Probably going to hell for this!
There was a girl in my year at high school Kate Dench (so many things to do with that name and not enoigh time) I digress anyway all sat nicely eating our lunch on the field staring at the boys in 6th form swooning at points where appropriate when to our horror she pulls out of her lunch a sausage not odd i hear you say WELL it was fucking raw!!! and she preceeded to eat not alone this but a packet of 6!! wasnt long before the whole year AND school knew .

we didnt share lunch times again - scared for life!

Additionally not a wierd kid but teacher while on a geography field trip in early 90's (92ish) opened his tent in the morning and in front of all the kids a sheep ran out of it!!! over 10 years on he is still the sheep shagging teacher ah bless kids eh!

no apologies for length I quite happen to like long ones! x
(Wed 24th Jan 2007, 23:04, More)