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the only cereal
with schnapp, krackle and pfopp

(Fri 28th Mar 2003, 13:53, More)

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» Have you ever seen a dead body?

But I didn't realise she was dead, just thought she was drunk.

(Thu 28th Feb 2008, 14:02, More)

» Worst Record Ever

Closing Time
by Semisonic is possibly the least imaginatively written piece of rubbish I have ever heard. The music is actually okay, but the lyrics are 100% shit. I want to kill them.
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 9:25, More)

» Your first cigarette

Seems quite cool now
I was in Carly Simon's barn with her son Ben, who gave me my first. Tasted like shit.
(Sat 22nd Mar 2008, 15:36, More)