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quick and dirty

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What do King's Cross and Yorkshire weather have in common?
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Family Scandals?
Kept in the family's candelabra
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» Ripped Off

best nightclub ever
is the 'Igloo' in Les Gets, France.

All the bars there are pretty expensive, so we were used to paying 5 Euros for a pint.

We thought we'd try the Igloo, the only nightclub in town, for a laugh. As we walked in the music and lights came on, we were the only suckers there.

Bought some drinks, 8.50 Euros for a 330ml stubbie of Heineken. 5.70. No girls, crap music, and they wouldn't even let us go upstairs and climb on the furniture.

When we left we tried our best to throw a 6inch banger(a firework, not a sausage) at the bouncers but we only managed to get it onto some poor tourist's balcony. Those things are loud.
(Thu 15th Feb 2007, 20:49, More)