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quick and dirty

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What do King's Cross and Yorkshire weather have in common?
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Family Scandals?
Kept in the family's candelabra
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» Ripped Off

best nightclub ever
is the 'Igloo' in Les Gets, France.

All the bars there are pretty expensive, so we were used to paying 5 Euros for a pint.

We thought we'd try the Igloo, the only nightclub in town, for a laugh. As we walked in the music and lights came on, we were the only suckers there.

Bought some drinks, 8.50 Euros for a 330ml stubbie of Heineken. £5.70. No girls, crap music, and they wouldn't even let us go upstairs and climb on the furniture.

When we left we tried our best to throw a 6inch banger(a firework, not a sausage) at the bouncers but we only managed to get it onto some poor tourist's balcony. Those things are loud.
(Thu 15th Feb 2007, 20:49, More)