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» Breasts

I see boobies everyday! *pop*
I work in a lingerie shop/ naughty fun shop which rhymes with hand bummers. We do bra measuring, and as Iím one of two girls there that know how to do it, I see a lot of boobs. But since working there Iíve got a few gripes I must impart to the ladies (and gents) of the land about boobs.

Ladies, if your bra digs in, marks your breasts, doesn't support them or is generally uncomfortable IT IS THE WRONG SIZE!!! seriously, the amount of times Iím told, "well, I normally wear a 34b" only to watch a woman reveal said bra to see flesh spilling out over cups and angry red marks around her back. I proceed to measure and inform said lady, "your actually a 36D" to get a look somewhere between me telling them Iíve shot a puppy and I'm about to fly to the moon, A blend of disgust and confusion. Get over your sodding pride, stop fucking complaining about bras hurting and wear the correct size, your body will thank you when youíre 50 and your tits arenít hanging around your knees!

Also, try your bras on! Certain breasticles simply don't look good in say a plunge or balconette (I'm an F cup so plunge bras are out of bounds for me) that and the fact that bras from different shops, fit differently.

And men, do not, I repeat DO NOT go into a shop with the intention of buying lingerie for a partner and when asked her size reply with "Uhhh...I dunno, she wears a size 10 but sheís got big boobs" or " "about your size" that does not help, that annoys us greatly, that makes us want to put your eyes out. If youíre going shopping for presents, have a look at the label of your significant others favourite bra, the size will be there. A little preplanning saves a lot of tears, confusion and us having to put through sodding exchanges.

On a lighter note, boobs are indeed fun. Please be gentle, itís my first time
Length? About 7.5 inches is the longest we sell.
(Sun 9th May 2010, 18:20, More)